ACS to ISE Migration - Part I - Planning

This video tutorial will provide an in-depth discussion on Cisco Access Control Server(ACS) to Cisco Identity Services Engine(ISE) migration useful for customers, partners, Sales AS and other participants who are planning this migration.


This covers Part I of the three part video tutorials for performing ACS to ISE migration.

Part I - Planning your migration

Part II - Prepare your migration

Part III - Migration process


Planning your migration section covers the feature comparison and underlying differences between ACS vs ISE features. It provides options for deployment design for different device administration models to help scale PSN’s. It provides step by step guide to plan out your hardware capacity keeping the IT Audit needs for logs retention while migrating to new ISE environment.


Here is the presentation breakout based on your interest.


1. Overview of ACS to ISE migration, Agenda for Part I - Planning for ACS to ISE migration. - 0 - 5:42mins

2. ACS vs ISE comparison -  5:52 to 10:56mins

3. ACS vs ISE hidden differences covering unsupported operators in ISE etc - 11:00mins - 18:00mins

4. ACS to ISE Migration path.

    Do I need to migrate or Install ISE?, ACS End of Life announcement  - 18:00 - 22:56mins

5. ISE Deployment basics and differences between ACS and ISE - 22:56 - 26:32mins

6. Device Administration models - Humans vs Scripted/Robots - 26:32 - 28:16mins

7. Deployment models, Dedicated deployment/ Dedicated PSNs/ Integrated - 28: 16 - 32:44mins

8. How to scale the deployment, how many PSN's do I need?. Sample customer use case discussion.

    TACACS+ performance, RADIUS performance, analysis - 32:44 - 46:30mins

9. How to size my ISE MnT for log retention and for best performance.

    Log retention tables for TACACS+ and RADIUS, Do I need an external logging server? - 46:30 - 54:02mins

10. Summary of Customer use case, wrap up - 54:02 - 56:26mins

11. Licensing - 56:30 - 58:42mins

12. References and conclusion- 58:42 to End





ACS Licensing FAQs – DOC 64011

ISE ordering guide


How to migration ACS to ISE – DOC 65715

ACS to ISE Migration – DOC 63880

ACS vs ISE Comparison – DOC 63901


ACS Performance and scale – DOC 68449

ISE Performance and Scale - DOC 68347