ACS to ISE Migration - Part III - Migration Process and Demonstration

This video tutorial covers Part III of the three part video tutorials for performing ACS to ISE migration covering the Migration process and demonstration. The 3 part video tutorial series will provide an in-depth discussion on Cisco Access Control Server(ACS) to Cisco Identity Services Engine(ISE) migration useful for customers, partners, Sales AS and other participants who are planning this migration.

Part I - Planning your migration

Part II - Prepare your migration

Part III - Migration Process and Demonstration.

Topics covered would include discussion on configuration gaps, exceptions, fixes and workarounds across all the configuration areas of ACS. Preparing your staging environment, Migration tool and general pre-requisites and frequently asked questions.


Here are presentation breakouts based on your interest

Chapter 1

Introduction:  2min 15 sec

Setting up Staging Environment: 2min 15sec - 6min 50 sec

Migration Tool Pre-requisites, install, overview: 6imn 50 sec - 14min 30 sec

Overview of Migration process: 16mins - 17mins 30sec

Chapter 2

Export Configuration - pre-requisites, process and analysis: 17min 30 sec - 30min 30sec,

                                                                                                33min 45 sec - 37min 15sec

Gap Analysis and fixing exception: 30min 30sec - 33min 45sec

                                                        37min 15sec - 39min 30sec

Importing Configuration to ISE: 44min 15sec - 46min 45sec

Chapter 3

Verification of Migration report and logs: 46min 45sec - 50min

Verification of Migration from ACS & ISE UI: 50min - 60min 30sec

References and Conclusion: 60min 30 sec - 61min 40sec