How to Subscribe or Unsubscribe to Community Email Notifications

How to follow (subscribe) or un-follow (unsubscribe) a community forum or specific community content:


Step 1: Visit the community forum you want to follow or un-follow. You can be on any of the tabs on the page, e.g. Overview or Content.  To follow/un-follow specific community content, e.g. a discussion, blog or document, view that content.


Step 2: Click the Follow button in the upper right portion of the page.  Change the settings and click Done, or click Stop Following.


Follow screen shot.png


When you Follow a community in Email Watches, you'll receive an email notification when someone posts in that community.  When you follow specific content, you'll receive an email notification when someone replies to or comments on that content.


Connections Streams and Inbox are community tools to help you organize notifications from different communities without receiving email notifications, although you have the option to set any connections stream or your community inbox to send email notifications.  Connections streams are set up from your Inbox & Activity page.  Access this page by clicking on the drop down arrow next to your name at the top of any community page.


Inbox and Activity screen shot.png