Collaboration Made Easy!!! Training and Services that Bridge the Gap

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As a collaboration professional with a commitment to Cisco products and solutions you need a quicker and more effective way to meet your certification and product training goals. Fast Lane Training and Consulting as developed “bridge” classes that speed your learning pathway based on your previous knowledge and skills. 


Bridge classes support your certification and product training goals but cutting out “beginner” / “basic” / “foundational” materials and gives you the delta between the old and the new.  In and out with the very specific skills, tools, techniques or knowledge you need in technology or certification area.


As a community member, Fast Lane offers you a $500 discount on any public class (remember that discount goes to CLC users as well).  We can also provide you a 10% discount on a Private bridge class you need delivered to your teams.


Here is the portfolio of Bridge training and coaching you can select from:

Technology Bridge

Certification Bridge



Expert For Hire (E4H)

Fast Lane can also provide Expert For Hire (E4H) coaching services to build knowledge and skills across both technical and sales disciplines.  Through customized learning, our consultants will help you improve your effectiveness and accelerate your revenue.

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