Cisco Sparkboard - Overview and useful resources/info


Cisco Sparkboard offers unique features to meeting rooms in ONE device:

a) wireless presentation/screen sharing

b) whiteboard solution with unique features

c) video meeting room endpoint to make/receive video calls and join video conferences

    (Sparkboard has embedded leading edge 4K Video camera to deliver unique video experience).



a) Sparkboard registers in Spark cloud (via subscription-based model) - no need for on-premises deployment.

    So it does not register on-premises CUCM but as Spark endpoint it can make and receive SIP video calls and join

    Spark or SIP Video meetings (on-premises or cloud-based).

    Though whiteboarding today works only in Spark Meetings (not in SIP/H323/webex video meetings).

b) Sparkboard has two flavors: 55-inch and 70-inch display.


More info and resources:

Main page for Sparkboard includes:

Cisco Spark Board 70 Data Sheet

Cisco Spark Board 55 Data Sheet

Experience the Cisco Spark Board - youtube video

Cisco Spark Board – Overview and Tutorial Video

PSOCOL-2006 - Getting started with Cisco Spark Board - CLUS17


Partner Spark community page

Cisco Spark Services ordering guide

Awards for Cisco Spark Board
It is exciting to share that Cisco Spark Board won the
Enterprise Connect Best of Show 2017 for “significant technological advancements in enterprise communications and collaboration.” Cisco Spark Board also received the Best of the Best Red Dot award for “extraordinary, innovative design.” The Room Kits received a total of four Red Dot awards for excellence in product design.


What's new in Cisco Sparkboard:

Here you can find an overview of new features and capabilities available on Cisco Spark Board-->

Latest important additon - Best overview feature:

During calls on your Cisco Spark Board, the image displayed to participants joining on other devices will be cropped to show only those who are in your meeting room. If someone leaves or enters the room, the camera will automatically zoom out or crop the image to focus only on those who are in the room.


Cisco Sparkboard - Mobile carts and other wall mount options by partners

Apart from the floor stand and wall mount options provided by Cisco, note that there are more options via partner offerings like below:


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DISCLAIMER: this post was created in order to provide useful info to Cisco partners and customers in my area (Greece/Cyprus and Malta). For official and updated information, please consult cisco documentation, datasheets and ordering guides.