Cisco Virtual Topology System 2.5.2 All-in-One v1



Cisco® Virtual Topology System(VTS) is a standards-based, open-software, overlay management and provisioning system. It automates data center network-fabric provisioning for virtual and physical infrastructures. VTS offers a rich set of automation and programmability capabilities across the entire Cisco Nexus switching portfolio to enhance the deployment of cloud-based services. Together with the Cisco Virtual Topology Forwarder (VTF), this solution provides support for various combinations of physical and virtual overlay topologies.


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  • Scenario 1: Verify Connectivity
  • Scenario 2: Explore VTS Web UI
  • Scenario 3: Create Tenant Network
  • Scenario 4: Create and Attach Virtual Machines
  • Scenario 5: Attach Bare-Metal Devices to Tenant Network
  • Scenario 6: Create Tenant Router
  • Scenario 7: Provision Data Center Gateway (DCI) Using External Networks
  • Scenario 8: Explore Device and Overlay Templates
  • Scenario 9: Explore Multi-VMM Publish and Merge Operations




  • Laptop
  • Cisco AnyConnect®




  • Virtual Topology System
    • Virtual Topology Controller (VTC)
  • Cisco Nexus 9000v (NXOSv)
  • OpenStack controller and computes




  • Contains VTS-specific service models and required NEDs (policy plane)
  • Performs resource management
  • Provides northbound REST API and web UI
Cisco Nexus 9000v
  • Emulates physical top-of-rack switch, spine, and DCI router in lab topology
OpenStack controller and computes
  • Virtual machine manager for data center POD