Cisco Kinetic EFM Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is Cisco Kinetic?

Cisco Kinetic is an IoT data fabric — a distributed system of software designed specifically to extract, compute, and move data from the things that make up the IoT to the various applications where it can provide value. The core Cisco Kinetic platform includes three software modules that provide the functionality customers need to extract, compute, and move data to achieve desired business outcomes.

  • Gateway Management Module
  • Edge & Fog Processing Module
  • Data Control Module


2. What is Cisco EFM/EFF?

The Edge & Fog Processing Module provides customers with fully automated software to manage an extensible distributed computing model, with the ability to:

  • Capture and transform data, normalizing it to make it usable
  • Apply rules to data in motion
  • Perform distributed micro-processing where needed, from edge to endpoint
  • Securely and reliably deliver data
  • Maintain historian data
  • Visualize data

Cisco EFM is formerly referred to Cisco Edge and Fog Fabric (EFF). EFF product brings together diverse entities----such as devices, services, and applications----into one IoT data system. By representing these entities as one system, EFF makes possible and simplifies various tasks, such as analytics, inter-device communication, distributed computing, and application development.

Cisco EFF is an open architecture platform that enables immediate processing and analysis of distributed data. EFF accommodates a wide variety of distributed/ IoT use cases, from simple to very complex. EFF is an architecture that is modular and open up to 3rd parties. This allows other vendors to create microservices for their own purposes to connect them to this architecture.

3. What's the latest version of EFM, and where to download it?

The latest version of EFM is 1.5. You may download it from Cisco with a CCO account. For details, please refer to EFM Installation Package Downloading Link in CCO.


4. How to install or upgrade EFM?

Please refer to EFM Installation and Upgrade Guide. You may install EFF in Linux, Windows, and Cisco IOx(IR800 and IE4000).

Cisco Kinetic Edge and Fog Processing Module 1.5.0:


5. How to use EFM?

Please refer to the related guide below. For details, please refer to Cisco Edge Fog Fabric - End-User Guides - Cisco.

Cisco Kinetic Edge and Fog Processing Module 1.5.0:

You may also refer to!efm-overview for details.


6. How to install the DSLink and where can download the DSLinks?

For how to install DSLink, please refer to Cisco EFF System Administrator User Guide - Release 1.0.1.

Cisco EFF 1.1/1.2/1.5 comes with the DSLinks of System, Dataflow, DQL, Alarm, JDBC, ParStream-Import, etc. If you need to install more dslinks, please download the "zip" packages from and install them accordingly. And you may also find all their source codes from DSA - Distributed Services Architecture for IoT · GitHub.


7. Why it failed to install a Java DSLink in IR8x9 EFF 1.1?

There is a known issue for EFF 1.1 IOx version. You need to go to the console of EFF IOx app, and add "" for the host name of "ir800-lxc". There is no such issue for EFM 1.2.

root@ir800-lxc:~# vi /etc/hosts localhost.localdomain localhost ir800-lxc

8. Why I did not see the dslink of ParStream-Import? or why it failed to start the dslink of ParStream-Import?

You need to install Java JRE/JDK 1.8. You may use the command "sudo apt install openjdk-8-jre-headless" to install JRE/JDK in Ubuntu 16.04 Linux. For the ParStream DSA Link and the Cisco Smart License Agent, it needs Java 8 JRE or JDK.

9. How to use dslink-java-serial DSLink in EFM?

There is some limitation for the dslink of "dslink-java-serial" from It must have the Start Code and End Code in the source codes by default. You need to modify the source codes from GitHub - IOT-DSA/dslink-java-serial: A generic DSLink for serial communication accordingly and rebuild the dslink for serial if there is no specific Start Code or End Code in your environment.


10. How to access the EFM Dashboard and how to get the license?

You may visit the below links for EFF Admin, Monitor and Dataflow Editor.




To access the EFF Dashboard, you may simply visit the home page of https://IP_ADDRESS:8443, and go to "Dashboard" to create dashboard with gauges and charts.

By default, it needs a license to access the dashboard. You may request one through the pop-up web page.