Earn a Free Pass to Cisco Live 2018 at Orlando

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Earn a Free Pass to Cisco Live 2018 at Orlando

when you deploy Cisco Context Service for your Unified CCX customer

The Customer Care Business Unit is offering a limited number of passes to Cisco Live 2018 in Orlando for partners who deploy Cisco Context Service for their Unified CCX customers.


Cisco Context Service enables businesses to follow their customer's journey across various touchpoints, bridging data siloes across different applications and departments helping them deliver a personalized and delightful interaction experience. Context Service provides contact center agents with a comprehensive snapshot of their customer’s Omnichannel journey history helping them serve their customers better and faster.


Context Service capability is bundled with every Unified CCX (v11.5 or later) license and comes integrated with the IVR and Finesse Desktop applications. Combined with APIs for optional third-party application integrations and out-of-the-box use case sample scripts provided within the CCX step editor and the developer portal, partners can quickly and easily enable seamless Omnichannel experiences for their customers.



How the program works

           Enable Cisco Context Service for your Unified CCX customer

           Email your customer org details to OmniCC@cisco.com

           We'll verify your customer and send you a credit for a Cisco Live! 2018 pass


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