free Spark client - overview

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Cisco Spark, apart from paid Spark clients, offers a free Spark client that provides great services to any user.


What free Spark client offers?

a) Spark Team Messaging

You can create unlimited Spark spaces for team collaboration (exchange messages, share files, etc).

You can invite anyone by email (customers, partners or anyone you need to work with).

b)  Spark Video Meetings up to 3 users

While you are in a Spark space, you can easily select Call and start a Video meeting with rest of Spark space members.

(using camera/microphones from your device - PC/laptop/smartphones/tablets).

A Spark space created by a free Spark client can support up to 3 video participants for Meeting.

c) use Spark client to make/receive SIP calls

Each free Spark client has SIP URI with format: and you can use it to place/receive SIP calls. You could use it to dial other SIP systems (endpoints or MCUs) over Internet (including SIP URI of Webex Meeting Center).


What is the difference from paid Spark accounts?

Find below a comparison matrix:


Cisco Spark Free

Cisco Spark named user

Unlimited team messaging



Any-time screen sharing



Up to 5GB file sharing



Unlimited in-app video calls

3 people per call

25 people per call (M3)

SIP calls



Search messages, files and users



Integrate apps like Zendesk, GitHub, and Zapier

Up to 10





End-to-end encryption



locking messaging rooms



Admin controls



Single Sign-on



Administrative Portal



Org analytics and metrics



Integrate with Exchange, Outlook, and your corporate directory



Live support



includes Cisco Webex Meeting Center (200 webex/ 25 video participants)


Spark M3 named user includes,

apart from Spark services,

Webex Meeting Center services


Free Spark Client offers a lot of Spark message and meet features so all users could easily experience value of Spark services.

If you go to paid Spark clients then you get more benefits. Most important ones, in my view, are:

a) Larger video meetings that allow SIP video endpoints as guests

    25-participants (with M3) vs 3-participants (M1 or free) video meetings.

    On top of this, there are other special meeting features like allowing SIP Video endpoints as guests in a Spark Meeting that

    requires paid Spark users (M3). 

b) Ability to lock room

    With free client all members of the Spark space can invite other people. 

    With paid Spark client you can control fully who is invited and other moderator functions).

c) Enterprise-level features

    With free spark client, user function as individual user.

    With Spark paid clients, you have more enterprise-level features.

    You could enable enterprise integrations (directory, exchange/outlook), enterprise-level authentication (SSO).

    You have analytics and metrics via Spark portal. You could opt for more security features (mobile pin enforcement for example).

    You could even opt for more advanced features (ediscovery, compliance, DLP integration, Key server on premises, etc.).

    You could have Hybrid connectors - connect on premises Cisco UC(CUCM, BE6K) with Spark cloud. 

d) Webex Meeting Center solution

    Spark M3 named user includes, at no additional cost, Webex Meeting Center that offers advanced web/video conferencing

    solution up to 200 webex/25 video participants in single meeting plus H323,SIP,S4B,Lync interoperability.



So, concluding, free Spark client is fine to start experiencing Spark services.

But, when you are part of an organization, then move to Spark paid accounts would provide a lot of benefits.

Still, your partners or customers or anyone that want to collaborate with, could stick to the free Spark client.

They don't need to purchase anything to participate in your Spark spaces.



What is the best way to experience free Spark client ?

Start using it :-)

Get your free Spark client here

After using free Spark client, you can ask your Cisco partner for a Spark M3 trial to experience the extra features.


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DISCLAIMER: this post was created in order to provide useful info to Cisco partners and customers in my area (Greece/Cyprus and Malta). For official and updated information, please consult cisco documentation, datasheets and ordering guides.