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Need an app for Training Center


Many organizations are trying to increase the availability of their training programs by using the Virtual Classroom, especially to the tech savvy Millennials. I am a HUGE supporter of WebEx and the features and capabilities of Training Center; HOWEVER, am disappointed that they have not released an app for TC! I manage the virtual training program for my organization, a training provider to the oil and gas industry. In the next several years, we, like many industries, will experience an enormous increase in the number of millennial generation employees and we must insure that we can provide and effective training experienced that capitalized on their technical capabilities. If I am going to hang my hat on WebEx TC as the organizations preferred deliver tool, then insuring that they can participate in the training from their mobile devices is crucial. Unfortunately, this is the one area where Adobe Connect can outperform WebEx TC. In Connect, essentially all features remain accessible and breakouts work too!


Are there plans in the works to develop a TC app? If so when?