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Citrix virtual desktop support with Cisco Jabber for voice/video




I am hoping someone can clarify this for me. I am trying to find out whether Cisco Jabber is supported on Citrix virtual terminals running windows. I looked at the datasheet of Cisco Jabber for Windows and found out that its supported with Citrix but only for IM/Presence and deskphone control.


I had a look around at Cisco Community forums and found out that Jabber voice/video is supported with Citrix via VXC 6215 Cisco VDI terminal that comes with VXME software as a subsystem. Also noticed in an announcement that third party VDI terminals will be supported in 1HCY2013.


Can someone has more up to date info on this? that is, support for Citrix with Jabber without requiring Cisco think client? Is it already supported? If not, what dates are we looking at roughly for the support to be announced?


I have also noticed that it might be possible today to support Jabber voice/video in Citrix environment without requiring Cisco VXC 6215, by utilising Cisco VXC 4000 thick client/software. Howeve, looking at the data sheet for VXC 4000 (seems to be old though), it doesnt mention Jabber. It mentions CUPC and CUCiLync but not Jabber.


Can someone please help clarify the current options and timelines for future options?