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Earn Virtual Badges: Social Rewards Gamification on Cisco Communities

Deanna Belle

Q: What is Cisco Social Rewards?

A: Cisco Social Rewards is a gamification program that recognizes and rewards members for their contributions, activities and achievements using game mechanics such as points, virtual badges and leaderboards. Social Rewards aims to incentivize members to participate in their community by rewarding their activities in a fun and visually appealing way. All of your points and badges travel with you across the Cisco Communities. 


Q: Aren’t I already earning points on the Cisco Communities?

A: Yes, you are currently earning points for activities completed within the Cisco Communities. Your previously earned points will remain. You will now begin to see a variety of ways in which you can earn points as well as virtual badges based on your targeted activities and contributions to the community. You will begin to receive recognition for your overall participation, expertise and skills.


Q: How can I access my Social Rewards profile to view my points, badges and leaderboard?

A: Click on the points displayed in yellow font at the top of the page to the right of your name. A pop-up will appear displaying a snapshot of your activity. Click on “More” to view the console in full.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 12.35.25 AM.png

You will be taken to the “Reputation” tab, which includes the following sub-tabs:


  • Activity - View your recent activity in the community including the action completed, the amount of points received for successfully completing the action and how long ago the action was completed.
  • Missions - View the available missions and badges that can be earned for completing specific actions. Learn about what actions you need to take to earn specific badges. Filter missions by:
    • Earned missions
    • Unearned missions
    • Newest missions
    • Alphabetical
    • Expiration date
    • Point reward
  • Places - View a breakdown of your points earned in specific Places within the Community.
  • Ranking - View your overall points ranking to see how you stack up against other Community members.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 12.37.56 AM.png


Q: What is my Reputation badge?

A: Your reputation badge reflects your overall participation level within the Cisco Communities on a 12-level scale.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 12.48.18 AM.png


Q: How can I earn more badges and credibility in the Cisco Community?

A: You can earn more credibility in the Cisco Community by participating more often and in a variety of ways. Click on your Social Rewards console and view the “Missions” tab to see all the ways in which you can be rewarded for your participation. Keeping in mind that you are not only able to earn points and virtual badges for your own contributions (uploading a document, answering a question correctly, etc.), you will also earn passive points and virtual badges when other community members endorse your content. For example, you will earn points/badges when community members rate or bookmark your content. The same is true when a community member follows you. There are many more ways in which points/badges can be earned so be sure to participate regularly.

Q: I also participate in the Social Rewards program on the Cisco Blogs. Are points earned in the community and on the Cisco Blogs combined into one profile?

A: Currently, points earned on the Cisco Communities are not combined with points earned on the Cisco Blogs. Our goal is to combine all points and virtual badges earned on any Cisco property into one unified profile in the future. For now, you can view points/badges within each program separately. Our ultimate goal is to showcase an individual's achievements across all of Cisco. 

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