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APIC-EM and Meraki MX64




I'm wondering if anyone has had any success using APIC-EM to configure say, a 3650 switch via a broadband modem and a Meraki MX64 appliance? Also, what is the correct syntax in creating a DHCP option 43 profile on the Meraki MX64 appliance dashboard?


Also, would I have any other roadblocks once I have the option 43 string entered correctly? I've gotten as far as running debugs and checking the 'show pnp trace' and noticing that option 43 cannot be detected. At this point, the switch tries to resolve to devicehelper.cisco.com.


I have APIC-EM working successfully on my other test beds but having issues when it comes to Meraki and broadband.


Appreciate the help on this.