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UCSD scripts, unit testing, and CI/CD




I was wondering if anyone uses Unit Testing and CI/CD tools to write and update all javascript scripts in UCSD. UCSD is a great tool helping ITs to be more efficient, but we hear everywhere that ITs have to be agile and be part of DevOps movement. I do my best in promoting DevOps tools like Jenkins, Ansible, and VIRL for testing network configs, but after working for some time with UCSD I can see that it's hard to place that tool within DevOps flow. I was thinking about using some API to run workflows, collect outputs, and compare it with an expected result. However, I cannot find any fast way to update the scripts. It would be nice to have a process, where I update JS code on my laptop, push it to the GIT, then Jenkins fetches the code, runs some Unit Tests on it, and updates the script inside UCSD and runs the workflow at the end. Is it possible to update the script inside the Task without using the GUI?