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CWA does not work with vWLC




we are using vWLC ver 8.2 with 1832 ap's the ap associates properly using flex connect but CWA page is not displayed when guest user is trying to connect, we use ISE for guest user authentication, this is what we found out


>> CWA is not supported with 1800 APs in flexconnect mode regarding below document and bug:


CSCva75030: CWA support for AP-COS APs in FlexConnect local switching mode



Feature Matrix for 802.11ac Wave 2 Access Points


To make it work the 1800 APs should be in “local” mode, and that is not supported with the vWLC, on vWLC only APs in flexconnect mode are supported.

is there a solution to this bug seems the vWLC is very buggy as we have been hitting multiple bugs