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CUCM Demo Licencing


Hello everyone, first time poster here


I've recently completed training for the CCNA Collaboration track - CICD and CIVND1/2.


In order to aid my revision before I attempt the exams I'm looking to set up a home lab of CUCM v11.x, CUC v11.x and IM&P v11.x (this is pretty much the lab environment we had on the courses - albeit we used v10.5 on the courses). I've done a fair bit of research online to determine how I can obtain demo licenses for the above as the 60 day 'demo' licensing likely isn't going to be enough for me but can't find anything concrete.


Can anyone please point me in the right direction?



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    Welcome to the community and congratulations on your training completion.


    I found a similar question in the Cisco Support Community. Please check it out and let me know if you need anything else.




    Kelli Glass

    Moderator for Cisco Customer Communities

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    Thank you for your prompt response Kelli,


    I've taken a look at that thread - in fact I'm sure I've seen it previously as I searched for answers on this.


    Initially it makes mention of earlier versions of cucm (v.8.6). I installed v10.5 initially and found it had 6 months worth of licence (which I'd be happy with!) before performing an upgrade to v11.5 and finding this dropped to 60 days. Our tutor on the course mentioned the NFR kit but following the link in the thread leads to a page that isnt available as the website is 'down for maintenance' - not sure if this is an old link as the thread itself is 5 years old (though the last entry is 3 years ago). The last entry mentions -

    "I've just installed CUCM 9.1 and I've applied for demo/evaluation licenses from Cisco using ELM (Enterprise License Manager)"


    ...unsure if this is a path I could take and what the process is. Is it done from the ELM installation in CUCM?


    I also found this link during my searches (on the Cisco Support Community site);




    ...which is more recent, but if you follow the link and access the "collaboration" section it states "There are no products available in this category at this time." My searches also suggest you need to be a Cisco partner to obtain NFR kits, so if I can actually find a suitable one I'm unsure as a student/end user I'd be able to get one.


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    Just wanted to post an update on this. I registered a new Cisco.com account and requested a demo and evaluation license for UC 11.x.


    I used the Cisco Enterprise License Manager from my demo installation of CUCM and received a six month demo license - so I'm all good to go for the revision before I take the CICD and CIVND exams!