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MnT node restore question


Cisco Identity Services Engine Administrator Guide, Release 2.1 - Backup and Restore Operations [Cisco Identity Service…



Restore a Monitoring Backup with a Monitoring Persona

You can restore a Monitoring backup in a distributed environment with only Monitoring persona.

Before You Begin

  • Purge the old monitoring data.
  • Schedule a backup or perform an on-demand backup.

Step 1  Prepare to deregister the node to be restored by assigning the Monitoring persona to another node in the deployment.

A deployment must have at least one functioning Monitoring node.

Step 2  Deregister the node to be restored.

Wait until the deregistration is complete before proceeding with the restore. The node must be in a standalone state before you can continue with the restore.

Step 3  Restore the Monitoring backup to the newly deregistered node.
Step 4  Register the newly restored node with the current Administration node.
Step 5 

Promote the newly restored and registered node as the PAN."

for Step 5, is it supposed to be primary MnT, not PAN? for a fully distributed deployment, each node has its own persona