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PSC Backdoor


Hi Guys,


I am trying to integrate PSC with MS AD LDAP. I tried to push SSO and eventually blocked the access to the admin. Could someone help with PSC backdoor configuration on PSC 12.1 version?  As I read I need to make a special Admin Link in newscale.properies file wich is located within the RequestCenter.war. Buth, there is no such a file. Should I make it? There are two RequestCenter.war in different folders, what of these should I use?


Please help with advice.




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    Hi Ashot


    Is this running the virtual appliance or on Windows? The newscale.properties file should be under RequestCenter.war\WEB-INF\classes\config\newscale.properties

    However, the backdoor should be enabled by default (unless this has been changed in the appliance) and should use the same parameters as older versions, I have confirmed this on my 12.1 Windows instance. Unfortunately I'd rather not share the backdoor URL directly on this post as it could pose a security risk, but you can message me directly if you need it.




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    Hi Paul!



    I installed OVA - virtual. Thank you for your reply!

    I'll write you directly from my corp email address.


    Tnank you!