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Cisco ISE 2.3 No logging in web GUI


We're having issues with Cisco ISE not showing any logs in web GUI. The logs show up in 'Show logging' CLI, but it doesnt seem to present itself to the GUI.


We have a 2 node cluster, with roles split.


The issue started while on 2.1. The admin node went down, and was down for 3 days, no hands on support so we decided to promote the node thats up to admin. Once the first node was brought online, we promoted it back to admin node, and that when our logging issue started. Opened up TAC and was told to install patch 5, but that didnt fix issue, then was told to upgrade to 2.3 and install patch 1, and that still didnt resolve our issue. We're running ISE right now without logging - it's like flying blind.


Any ideas one what i can do? Logging works, we're just not seeing in on the web guiISE home page.JPGtacacs logs.JPGno live logs.JPG

Let me know if you need any information.


Thanks in advance guys!