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Wordpress deployment and migration


Hi All,


I have C3 4.81. setup and I have created a Wordpress app model (with single tier), I have my repo server as CCM.


1.jpg is the sinp of the app model.


Deployed the WP in private & public but the problem persisting in WP & SQL connection

Snip of the script: 2.jpg

When accessing the WP it is asking for the value but the connection is not happening between WP and SQL,

3.jpg, 4.jpg

As a part of troubleshooting, I logged into the instance and checked for the DB created as “wordpress”, it is also there but I am not sure where the exact issue is, please help me to fix the issue.








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    Hi Anand,


    You may want to check following things:

    1. cat /var/www/wp-config file to see what IP/name is getting configured for DB host and ensure it is reachable at DB port

    2. since it is single tier deployment, you can try configuring instead of $CliqrTier_mysql_2_PUBLIC_IP in your web-pre-start script. If this works then you need to check what is returned for this variable during deployment

    3. Try disabling iptables/firewall to make sure port is not blocked.




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    You can see in the first line of the script that it's logging to a file in /var/tmp. Check that file and see what it says. The other scripts on other VMs will be logging similarly. Check those too.