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VCS-C & E migration to BE6K


I am looking to specify a move from Gen 1 VCS-C & E to BE6K for one of our customers.


The customer has 5 room based end-points (MX200, MX300, E20 & QSC20) with licenses for up to 5 concurrent external calls and 10 internal calls.


From the Cisco VCS to Unified Communications License Migration Program I think I will use BE6M-M5-K9; R-CBE6K-K9 & R-VCS2EXPWY-E-K9 SKU’s.


That gets their end-points licensed onto VCS 8.9 with 5 x VCS-E Rich Media Session licenses.


I note that Traversal Call licenses included with a VCS-C purchase are not eligible for migration, maybe I don't need these if they are registered to UCM?


Can you let me know what else I need to include if anything to migrate this system and the licenses?

Also they are looking for new Desktop Video devices so is DX80 best as DX70 is notified EoS?

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    Srinivasan Kilambi

    1) When you get RMS licensing which is the new conversion for traversal licensing, it gets applied on C and E for one call. Reason Cisco doesn't allow converting traversal licensing for VCS-C is because back in the day VCS-C was licensed based on non traversal licensing and traversal licensing was included in the bundle at no cost and it was quite a high number like 100 or something. So converting all that RMS which is a paid license won't make any sense so only stuff customer paid for which is the traversal on E should be converted is the logic


    2) DX80 is good and would take ENH


    3) So on VCS-C today you can convert current room systems to TP room, Movi to ENH/ENHP


    Jabber Video for TelePresence/Movi client licenses (in TMS with LIC-TMS-PE-xx or LIC-MOVI-xx) are a concurrent use license based model. Some customers may oversubscribe the number of licenses. UCL and CUWL licenses are user based. For this reason up to 3 UCL Enhanced or Enhanced Plus licenses may be ordered for every Movi client license in TMS. Note that SWSS is added for every UCL license ordered.