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IP Media Fabric




I work for Televisa in Mexico City, which is a TV broadcaster.

We are installing an IP Media Fabric formed by two Nexus 9508 as spines and some Nexus 9300 as leaves.

Have DCNM 10.3 for Media fabric installed on two UCSs baremetal in HA mode.


The first thing that i had to decide was if my spines would be working independently or together. To be 2022-7 or not.

As my whole installation is inside one compound and we almost do not have fiber cuts i decided to put them together in one network and use Program and Preview as backup as we do with coaxial links in SDI.


Later we have been testing different brands of video gateways to begin our hybrid operation, of course my goal is to be as seamless as possible to the video people using the same interfaces to control their video routes. One of their main concerns is that now all the signals are on the same cable (fiber no less) and their troubleshooting has transform, now no longer been able to measure signals on a patch panel and having to acquire expensive pieces of equipment like the Tektronix PRISM.


To me the major concern is that most of the video equipment developers are trying to control the fabric by their own means, instead of using the DCNM, fixing their operation to a certain kind of switches which as we now have a faster life cycle than the video equipment. One example of this in our facilities is AVID, who certified the catalyst 4948 for inter-operation with their system and now the only Cisco switch that they guarantee to work with and no longer in production by Cisco.


I would like to share my advances on this topic and hear from someone else who is working on this also.



Israel Valdivia