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No join air-cap1531I-N-K9 to WLC


I have APs model air-cap1531I-N-K9 and a WLC 8540 version 8.x

try doing the capwap manually but it is the same error

but the APs fail to join in the WLC The message that the AP shows me is

What I can do ?

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    It is because your APs are mesh APs. You have to manually add them to the controller. Add the MAC address of the AP to MAC filter table. Follow this steps in GUI:

    Security -> AAA -> Mac Filtering -> Mac Address


    CLI command:


    (wlc) >config macfilter add [interface name] [description] [Client IP address]


    Once you complete this, APs should register to WLC in mesh mode, then you can convert them to any other AP mode you want.


    You can find more explanation here.