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WebEx SSO with Microsoft AD FS 2.0


WebEx SSO with Microsoft AD FS 2.0


Hello All,


We are  looking forsome guidance to setup AD FS 2.0 with WebEx Online meetings and WebEx Connect,We have our AD FS 2.0 Server setup but seem to be having issues getting the SAMLAssertion to work correctly. I am hoping that someone has run across thisbefore or someone from Cisco can help as tech support doesn’t support SSO.


So far we have installed AD FS 2.0, ran the setup wizard,exported the cert, up loaded it to WebEx, edited the federation Serviceproperties name and identifier. Added that info to WebEx. Once that was done wedownloaded the xml file from WebEx and imported that info AD FS 2.0. Once therewe added the Claim rules.

Now are suck, WebEx rejects the login with the error Reason: InvalidSAML Assertion (13)

Please see attached screen shots.




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