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CUCME Webex Connect integration - BOM


Hi there,


My costumer using the folowoing system:


- 1x CUCME - on 2951 ISR router

- 90X 6921 IP phones

- 36 remote officeses


According the following documentation now its possible to integrate Webex Connect with CUCME



The costumer wants the followings:

- make call form WC client

- recive calls from WC cilens

- set up concerece calls from the WC clients


My costumer do no wants the followings:

- Webex MC, EC etc. integrated with WC client


Im aware that Jabber for Windows is the future for IM / CUCME integration but accoring to this forum post it is not possible right now its only on the roadmap:




- can you please send me correct BOM for 100 user for Webex Connect IM only (No Webex MC, EC etc.)   for 1 / 2 / 3 years contract?

. what is the MOQ for Webex Connect?

- is it availabe in Hungary?

- any idea when will be Jabber Windows / CCME integratipon ready?