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Error adding vCenter Connection


Hi there,


Pardon my poor english language but i'm french.


I'm trying to install the Nexus 1000V to remplace standard vSwitch in my vSphere environement.


I followed the documentation and created both primary and secondary 1000V VSMs


Now when i'm adding the vcenter connection, the following message displays :


ERROR: [VMWARE-VIM] Operation could not be completed due to connection failure.Connection timed out. connect failed in tcp_connect()


show module result :

NXUS1KV-vSwitch0(config-svs-conn)# show module
Mod  Ports  Module-Type                      Model              Status
---  -----  -------------------------------- ------------------ ------------
1    0      Virtual Supervisor Module        Nexus1000V         active *
2    0      Virtual Supervisor Module        Nexus1000V         ha-standby

Mod  Sw               Hw
---  ---------------  ------
1    4.0(4)SV1(3)     0.0
2    4.0(4)SV1(3)     0.0

Mod  MAC-Address(es)                         Serial-Num
---  --------------------------------------  ----------
1    xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx to xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx  NA
2    xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx to xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx  NA

Mod  Server-IP        Server-UUID                           Server-Name
---  ---------------  ------------------------------------  --------------------
1    NA                                    NA
2    NA                                    NA


running config:



NXUS1KV-vSwitch0(config-svs-conn)# show running-config
version 4.0(4)SV1(3)
username admin password 5 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  role network-admin
ssh key rsa 768
ip domain-lookup
ip host NXUS1KV-vSwitch0
kernel core target
kernel core limit 1
system default switchport
snmp-server user admin network-admin auth md5 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

priv xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx localizedkey
snmp-server enable traps license
vrf context management
  ip route
switchname NXUS1KV-vSwitch0
vlan 1,71-72
vdc NXUS1KV-vSwitch0 id 1
  limit-resource vlan minimum 16 maximum 513
  limit-resource monitor-session minimum 0 maximum 64
  limit-resource vrf minimum 16 maximum 8192
  limit-resource port-channel minimum 0 maximum 256
  limit-resource u4route-mem minimum 32 maximum 80
  limit-resource u6route-mem minimum 16 maximum 48

interface mgmt0
  ip address

interface control0
boot kickstart bootflash:/nexus-1000v-kickstart-mz.4.0.4.SV1.3.bin sup-1
boot system bootflash:/nexus-1000v-mz.4.0.4.SV1.3.bin sup-1
boot kickstart bootflash:/nexus-1000v-kickstart-mz.4.0.4.SV1.3.bin sup-2
boot system bootflash:/nexus-1000v-mz.4.0.4.SV1.3.bin sup-2
  domain id 7
  control vlan 71
  packet vlan 72
  svs mode L2
svs connection vCenter
  protocol vmware-vim
  remote ip address port 80
  vmware dvs datacenter-name MyDatacenter


My vcenter can ping the NXUS1KV-PRIMARY

But the nexus doesn't ping the vCenter


On the vCenter there are 2 vNic, one is connected to the VMNetwork (no VLAN)

The second is connected to the NXUS1KV-Mgmt network (vlan 7)


Thanks for help

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    Did you register your VSM Extension key on the vCenter server?


    Normally people don't have more than 1 NIC on their vCenter server (if there are multiple they're usually teamed).


    For your SVS connection you should be using the same IP of your vCenter that your ESX hosts would access.


    Can you try the following:

    1. Disable your Windows Firewall.  This might  explain why you can ping the VSM but not the reverse.  Ensure you can ping the VSM and Vcenter can ping it in return.


    2. Remove (or disable) the second NIC on vCenter.  Only keep the one used by vCenter to access your ESX hosts.


    Try this first and we'll go from there.





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    Yes, please check to ensure that the Windows Firewall isn't  blocking the ping and connection over the other ports. I have seen an  issue (esp when the VC is running on Windows Server 2008) where the  Windows Firewall blocked the ping from the VSM to the VC.

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    actually, my vcenter runs under 2k8 R2.


    i'll test both solutions (firewall + removing second vnic)


    I ll keep you both informed