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Mac OS X Client Date?

Samuel Womack

Is there an anticipated date for a WebEx Connect Client for Mac OS users besides the Web Interfaces?  I would love to start video etc etc without having to Run VMware/Parallels (iChat to normal Connect Client doesn establish video)...

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    I don't have an answer but will second the request.

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    There is progress being made from what I understand, but nothing confirmed.

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    Samuel Womack

    Will there Ever Be an Update On This.......ugh!........Office Communicator Runs better in my Virtual Machine anyhow....Whatever I guess.....Thought we were about open Collaboration/Platform....

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    We're working on it Samuel, admittedly taking awhile for us to get there.


    We're going through a phased approach here.  In C6.5 we're focused on a browser-based IM client.  Bad news is it won't address your feedback around video, but the biggest request we have been getting from customers is wanting to enable a WebEx Connect client to handle IM for their entire organization - regardless of OS. IT admins wanted to be able to manage all users through a central back-end.  So this browser-based client will have the same basic UI as the current Windows desktop client, but will really be IM only.  C6.5 is targeted for the second quarter of 2010.


    Next phase is a Mac rich client.  With this we'd be looking to enable the whole deal you get with WebEx Connect for Windows today.  I'll caveat myself by saying we're still way early in the dev process but we're targeting the end of the year 2010 to deliver this.

    I know, not ideal for Mac users but based on customer feedback, our thought process was to get out a solution quickly to handle IM on non-Windows platforms and then provide a rich Mac experience as soon as we could after that.

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    I thought it was safe to assume that since the WebEx Connect client is now using XMPP, it'd be as simple as pointing an XMPP/Jabber client at the webex connect servers and viola, you've got IM only integration across all platforms.


    It seems very counter-productive to waste development cycles creating a web based IM only client and forcing your users to use that when there are already a large amount of very good XMPP clients out there that offer great functionality.  Why not open access to your servers from these clients on an "at your own risk" basis.


    I have to say that it's very disappointing to be paying for an IM client that's many years behind other IM clients when it comes to basic IM functionality.  The bottom line for most people is just being able to send messages back and forth, the bells and whistles sound nice but does it really have to be all or none?

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    We'll be launching the browser-based IM client about a month from now - it'll be supported in Firefox 3.0 or 3.5 and Safari 4.0.  A rich client for Mac is still on target to be delivered before the end of the calendar year.

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    Hmmm. The Jabber client works flawlessly on Mac OS 5.X linking into WEBEX CONNECT so having a Firefox or Safari IM plugin for WC IM seems rather redundant.


    Not sure why anybody would pursue writing an IM Plugin when a $30 Jabber IM app fully integrates back to the WC IM Server at Cisco quite nicely.


    Having to run Windows XP in VMWARE window is horrible.


    Very weird how these development decisions are made.


    Well lets hope for end of 2010 Client for Mac OS.





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    Srinivasan Kilambi

    Yes we have integrated Adium XMPP based client with WebEx connect and it does work. I guess that the value proposition of Connect client is the ability to have some what tighter integration with Cisco UC products (there is a lot of room for improvement) at the backend compared to 3rd party XMPP clients and of course spaces and tight integration to WebEx.




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    i have to agree with Ryan. The client should be of little focus to the transition given that the point of running an open standards based protocol is to provide cross platform support. Personally, i find spaces to be a little overkill for what most people consent to "collaborating" on.

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    I know you guys are working steady on this (I got bleeped for saying "hard"), and I do wish to add to the request; a Mac OS X client plus iOS 4 client that can take advantage of the front and rear cameras in the iPhone (Facetime), plus the iPad, then you'd be rockin.


    As well, I am curious as to how everything is so Windows focused considering Apple is the one bellying up to the bar to pay for "iPhone", "iOS".....


    Just asking





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    Zoltan, do you have an update on the availability of browser based WebEx Connect for Mac? I have looked everywhere, but I can't find a reference to it or a description on how to set it up or how to use it. Any information would be useful.




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    Hi Zoltan, can you please post the details on the browser based Web Ex Connect client you mentioned was launching in May / 2010.  If it hasn't launched yet, can you update us?  Also for a Mac, is cisco still tracking end of year launch?  My business just rolled over to WebEx connect and has a large contingent of Mac users who are now in the dark.  Thanks - Mark

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    Hi Folks, sorry for the delayed response.


    The browser based client is available today.  You can access it at: https://im.ciscowebex.com


    The browser based client uses the same login credentials as your windows client and it's available to you at no additional cost.


    Mark, the Mac client has been pushed back a little and is tracking to end of the first quarter of the 2011 calendar year.

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