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UCCX Script


I am trying to add a new feature into a script...."You are currently nth in line to talk to a cust serv rep"


I was told this is fairly common and easy, does anyone have a template or can someone help out? I posted a copy of my current script, I hope it is legible.

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    I don't have any examples on me right now but the followng URL maybe of some help if not post your question on www.cisco.com/go/netpro where your request might have more visability by more people.




    Typically I wouldn't recomended annoucing the user queue place to often just in case the caller is announced they are caller 5 then the next annoucement they are caller 6 but that also depends on your script if people have the chance to get in front of others due to priorities or other methods.

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    Thank you very much Heathrw!! I'm going to try it out in the next few minutes. I understand your concerns to advertising their position. The only reason I was willing to do something like this is because they only have one queue and it's FIFO.


    Looks like I need to remove this one before I can post on the other community page.


    Thanks again!