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Using MS Lync Server Live Meeting with Meetingplace Audio Only


I have the follwoing issue:


Customer wants to migrate their current voice and web collaboration solution. They currently have MeetingPlace Express. Their current migration path is MP 8.5 + Webex. However they want it to be 100% on premises (no webex node, asr,etc). In other words after MPE was EoL there is no replacement product (cisco) that fit their needs. The AM team strongly recommend not to use MP7 which apparently will work.


My question is: Can I integrate MP8.5 audio only with Lync Live Server? Can I use MP8.5 to schedule the audio and web or Live Meeting to do the web and audio?. It looks like this is the only vialble alternative for an on premises only solution.


As a side note not sure who made this decision at Cisco to kill MPE without an equivalent replacement. Not a good idea in my opinion.



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    There is no direct integration when using MP Audio with anyone elses web conferencing service or system.  They can use MP Audio reservationless meetings but nothing is "integrated", Live Server should be able to povide something like the "Webex Other Teleconference" where the end users interface will inbed the MeetingPlace dialin numbers and Host reservationless Meeting ID into the email sent for a meeting scheduled...but there is no level of "audio" integration.


    Cisco will offer an all on prem product by end of 2012....known requirement.