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Jabber for iPad

Can you confirm that Jabber for iPad is a single app capable of IM, Presence, voice & video?  Just wanna make sure it's not a seperate app for each function.  Also, does Jabber for iPad support content share or you have to use the WebEx app for that?


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    Seongho Hong

    Hi Ali,


    Yes, Cisco Jabber for iPad is a single application which supprot all UC capabilities including voice, video, presence/IM, visual voicemail.  With Jabber for iPad, you can view the contents being shared by others using BFCP video desktop sharing.  You won't be able to share your contents on your iPad.  You can also cross launch WebEx to view the contents via WebEx Meeting.  Thanks.

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    is the jabber IM ipad connect to CUPS?  I cant see where to configure this.

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    Yes, Cisco Jabebr for iPad can be connected to either Cisco Unified Presence (CUP) or Cisco WebEx Connect service.  You as the end user (device owner) will get to choose this option when you first start installing and configuring the application on your iPad.  Once this option is chosen and the installation is complete, you cannot change it unless you 'reinstall' it from the beginning.  The system admin will have to provide this configuration information for his/her users in advance.  Thank you.


    Seongho Hong

    Technical Marketing Engineer

    Collaboration Technology Group

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    Now that Jabber for iPad has been officially announced, is there a release date for it?  Maybe a hint at least....

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    Thanks for your interest everyone.  Just wanted to let you know that the Cisco Jabber for iPad application is now available.  You can find out more, including links to download and documentation here: 




    Kelli Glass

    Moderator for the Cisco Collaboration Community

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    Hello Seongho,


    regarding your answer you says that Jabber for iPad is supporting the desktop sharing as we can view the contents being shared by others using BFCP video desktop sharing.

    In my case I configure the Jabber for iPad connecting to the CUPS 8.6. I also configured the jabber for Windows in Win7 OS. I can problemless share the desktop from one WS Win7 to an other one but to the iPad it is not possible.

    In fact as soon I try to share the desktop from the WS WIN7 to the iPad, the desktop sharing button still stay grey. Do I miss someting or do I have configure special settings ?


    Thanks for your reply,


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    Hi Seongo,


    I'm using Jabber For Ipad with CUP On premise. When I search a contact within Corporate Directory  i get nothing result.

    To be sur i tested the same account with Jabber For Windows and CUPC, searching within Corporate Directory works fine.


    Is it a special configuration on CUP or CUCM for Jabber for Ipad? I noticed that the smae CSFID is used on CUCM for two clients.


    Thanks in advance



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    Seongho Hong

    Hi Dominique,


    Apology for the delay.  I am sorry I wasn't very specific.  Cisco Jabber for iPad can view what other people sharing via BFCP when other people 'including' Cisco Jabber for iPad are all in the same video conference bridge.  The video conference bridge will composite the shared image and stream to Cisco Jabber for iPad as part of the main video stream.  If it is just between Cisco Jabber for Windows and iPad, it's not supported and won't work.  Hope this helps.

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    Seongho Hong



    Not that I can think of now.  Cisco Jabber for iPad running off from CUP should work in the same way Cisco Jabber for Windows or CUPC in terms of the directory search.  Both configuration parameters from CUP for the directory.  One thing concerns me from what you said though is that Cisco Jabber for iPad should have its own device.  It does not share the same device in CUCM.  The new device type in CUCM for Cisco Jabber for iPad is 'Cisco Jabber for Tablet'.  It is a new device type and requires a new COP file to be loaded.  Let's first get this corrected.

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    Srinivasan Kilambi

    Does Cisco have plans to fix this case, considering it works across other TP products and between jabber and TP endpoints


    In my opinion it should work between your flagship products




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    Seongho Hong

    Hi Srini,


    I am sorry but what issue are you referring to?  Desktop sharing from Cisco Jabber for iPad to TP units?  Please let me know so that I can try to address your concern.  I always appreciate your active participation.

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    Srinivasan Kilambi



    Thanks for the response, I am talking about your previous comment that Jabber for IPAD cannot do BFCP with JBW. Will that be fixed?




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    Have any users had any problems with IOS 6 on the iPad?  I upgraded my iPad last night and Jabber for iPad is not working today.  Here is what I am seeing.  The application registers with CUCM.  When I am called, I cannot answer the call.  When I make a call, I get one way audio.  I know that this should go to the TAC but I thought I would mention it to the CUG, too.


    Thanks, Joe

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