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Cisco Design Zone Webinar Series    Cisco BYOD Design Part I & II  (Cisco Field and Partners)


Cisco Design Zone Webinar Series 
Cisco BYOD Design Part I & II

(Cisco Field and Partners)



Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solutions promise the choice of any device and anywhere, anytime access, but present new challenges for IT organizations. The Cisco BYOD architecture employs technologies that provide IT the controls to ensure access and data security while providing end users their choice of devices for productivity.


Attend these interactive channel partner webinars to hear Cisco's Architectural Approach to BYOD.



Part I: BYOD Solution Overview & CVD Prebrief


Date:   Tuesday, May 15, 2012 – 60 minutes


Archive: (recording, slides, Q&As)



•Customer Requirements
•What is the BYOD Solution Strategy
-Design approaches: Native Device & Virtualized
-Evolving roles of ISE and MDMs
•What are We Doing to Prove It Works
•What are the Cisco Differentiators
•How are We Helping Customers Deploy
•Moderated Q&A



Part II: BYOD Design Deep Dive (CVD Release)



Srinivas Tenneti – TME, Systems Development Unit (SDU)

Fernando Macias – Solution Architect, Systems Development Unit (SDU)


•Intro: BYOD, MDM & ISE

•BYOD 2.1 Building Blocks