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    Hi all,

    is there any news About Jabber for Windows Phone?

    There are a lot of customer that are planning to migrate the Mobile solution to Windows Phone.




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    I'm wondering, why it is possible to develop a quite nice App for Webex on WP8 and not a Jabberclient. It seems, that the Webexteam is more flexible in that case.


    But lay off 6k People is possible...


    SAN FRANCISCO: Cisco to lay off up to 6,000 workers | Technology | NewsObserver.com




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    Srinivasan Kilambi

    I asked the same question past year when the client came out and the response was it was the MSFT team that asked Cisco to support it in the case of WebEx


    I don't think that will happen in the case of jabber




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    There are active discussions between Microsoft and the Jabber team and a couple strategies are being considered.  The main challenge that Jabber has, which WebEx does not, is that Jabber is a registered CUCM endpoint and is capable of receiving incoming calls, IMs and presence notification ad hoc.  This requires Open Sockets, which Windows Phone does not currently support.  Microsoft has Open Sockets on its roadmap and has requested that the Jabber team review the design, so we are hopeful that an integration may be forthcoming.  Other solutions are being considered, but would require substantial deviation from current Jabber architecture.


    I look forward to providing more information as the situation becomes more clear.



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    Hi Mike, thanks for your answer. Can you keep me/us up to date if there are any news? Because I wait for two Apps from Cisco for Windows Phone 8(.1) and these are Jabber and Anyconnect.

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    Hi Mike,


    thanks for this answer! Now it is much clearer why the App is not available, yet.


    Please Keep us informed about this.


    Kind regards,


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    Thanks for the responses. My question is how does Lync do it? It also has the same capabilities as Jabber.

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    Hi Mike,


    I'm not sure I follow the reference to "open sockets".  Windows phone 8.1 supports Windows Socket 2.0 and is also backwards compatible with legacy Windows Socket 1.1.  Maybe open socket is a reference to a specific attribute to the Windows Socket standard architecture.




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    Thank you for your investigation.   Have you reached a conclusion as of yet?   I know that Windows is changing platforms often - perhaps you can compile one version for phone and RT tablets?



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    Hi Brian,


    The open sockets we need to have running in the background are currently not supported by Windows Phone 8.1.  The Windows Phone development group has been discussing with us to ensure that they can support Jabber architecture in the Threshold release.  There is another approach that Cisco is taking with Windows 8.1, but we are not in a position to announce details or dates yet.


    As soon as we can, I will make sure to communicate in this forum.





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    Hello Anil,


    Please see the response that I just posted to Brian.



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    I hope that this is truly a matter of technical issues and time because our company just bought and installed a brand new Cisco phone system, in part because of the software and collaboration tools that would "run on any device" and finding out that key people within our company, including our top IT people, cannot yet use those tools on their Windows Phone smartphones is really annoying. Don't get me wrong, we did find this out just before we pulled the trigger but it was a bit late in the process and we had to keep moving on it.  Whatever the manuals may say, the very strong cross-platform marketing messages are what drew us in, so I was ****** OFF to find out that this was a complete misrepresentation.  It's laughable - the Jabber page says that it supports platforms which include "Windows" and "Nokia". Yet I use a Nokia smartphone running Windows Phone and I there's no support apart from the Webex app (ie no Jabber). Truly BAD MESSAGING folks, and possibly illegal as well.  Thanks for allowing us the opportunity to provide this feedback and I hope it gets to the right place because we really like the phones and the system and are happy to at least have Webex on the Windows Phones.

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    Dear Cisco team,


    Is there any update on this?  This is desperately needed.  My medium sized organization (>10,000 employees) is making configuration and standards decisions with respect to telephony--we are looking at Lync and Jabber.  Do you have any date range yet for a decision on this?



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    I'd like to throw in my request for Cisco Jabber WP7/8+ client. There are 10,000+ employees here with our standard devices being WP and iPhone - with WP being preferred for office integration. We are already using WebEx and various other Cisco products. A Jabber client would be ideal. Thanks!

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    As WP Share is increasing with Lumia new features and with Microsoft image, please think of getting Webex/Jabber App for WP Devices. Again i would say Webex in the sence chat app. we expect alot from "Across Any Device" Which is not at all happening. Its not that good to say just Android and Iphone share is high so we deploy apps only for them. consider your statements again and please work on this.