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Cisco Unified Communication infrastructure


Hi, community!

For example we have Cisco Unified Communication Sandbox (as on a picture)  This is from Cisco Sandbox. I have question: Is it possible to discover all devices in this schema using CUCM publisher node and API? So result should be: devices IP, and devices description. Thanks!CUCM infrastructure

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    There is no mechanism in the Cisco UC portfolio to 'discover' devices and other applications.  Any application that will be integrated in the UC portfolio will have to be peered with the other products.  By "peered", I mean that there will need to be configuration on both sides for communication to be established.  The reason for this is security.  If a UCM discovered a rogue CUC or AD, then that would compromise the overall solution.  So from a UCM perspective, you must define the IP/name of the peer applications or you must define an application user to be used by the peer application.  This ensures that only trusted applications will be communicating with UCM and vice versa. 



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    Curious to know if there is a  sample of the sandbox config (sharable) for the attached topology ? If yes can we have a link/copy of these . If not any suggestions where to find these. The AD/DC config will be great .


    Thank you.


    (I am aware of the timestamp of this thread - so 10.6 is not an issue but won't mind later releases)