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Cisco Prime API- how to retrieve the "AP Limit" for WLC


I'm able to use the Cisco Prime API and extract information about the Wireless LAN Controllers, so no problem with the usage.


However, I could not find in the online documentation (https://developer.cisco.com/site/prime-infrastructure/documents/api-reference/rest-api-v3-1/) where is the part where I can extract the "AP limit"


In the web-GUI of Cisco Prime, there is a section for Administration -->Licenses and Software Updates ---> Licenses.


This is a dashboard where it shows the list of Wireless LAN Controllers, the ip address, model, number of AP that is currently registered and the "AP Limit" ... I can get and see all the other information except the last one ("AP Limit") using GetWlanControllers as described in this online documentation (https://developer.cisco.com/media/prime-infrastructure-api-reference-v3-1/

  There is no mention of the "API Limit" or "basically the "license" that tells up to how many Access Points.
However, this "AP Limit" is visible on the web-GUI of Cisco Prime as a separate column , so im thinking it must be from other table that is joined so the table is displayed on the web-Gui.

  May I ask if someone can point me in the right direction which command or API documentation is this available?

many thanks.