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CVP IVR application update from one server to all


Hi Team,


I want to discuss about admin.jar which help to update +deploy + delete+ status of application in each CVP server under application/<allname>/admin folder.

I would like to update multiple server application after config change but as we have limit only one server application we can update one time

Suppose I am having helloworld application in 10 server and modified code which access some config files and any value change in config application update is needed. but from OPSCONSLE update application in not possible and from there we do service start/stop which has impact on other running application.


I have code run with port 10100 this port only does  update +deploy + delete+ status in CVP server but on the same server itself.

it will be appreciated if anyone has any idea to use the same and make update in all server of same appname application.

admin.jar makes socket connection on localHost on port 10100 and then perform all the action trying to override that and making socket on same port but getting connection refuse.



Rahul Gupta