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BE6K running stock CUCM 11.0 and auto-shutdown via UPS signalling?


Hi everyone,


This has been an on-going hassle with TAC around something so simple: BE6K running stock CUCM 11.0 stack (CNX and CUCM) and needing the standard protection of auto-shutdown via UPS signalling (via IP not a serial cable)?


For some reason there's drama around the issue; why? I'm not trying to somehow interface the UPS with the BE6K bare metal since that won't do any good anyway - I want the ESXi VMs shutdown gracefully and not the bare metal cutting power on its own via some imaginary integration with CMC. That's what TAC seems to misunderstand over and over and for once accurately communicate that such integration isn't possible.


I know that the unified OS is not to be touched and we don't have root access to it anyway (to install UPS agents) so then why is it so hard to simply run APC's PCNS VM appliance which monitors the UPS via IP and then shuts down ESXi when needed?


That piece is very hard to get across since the question is simply whether that's kosher with TAC in terms of strategy? In other words the above described setup works like a charm in context of engineering but I want to make sure that in the other context: support and SmartNet biz that solution is acceptable. I don't want to get a case going on something completely unrelated and if they figure out that there's another VM (the PCNS appliance) running on the ESXi box (which runs on the BE6K) and start grasping for straws and excuses that this isn't "supported"...

Anyone out here doing the most normal of things: interface a UPS with CUCM to trigger graceful shutdown in case of a power outage?