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PSC deployment




I know I can deploy few PSC nodes from PSC 12.0 OVF for redundancy. Redundant deployments on Windows (not OVF) differentiates nodes to roles - controller, PSC nodes, service link node. Does the OVF deployment also diferentiate nodes to separate roles or every redundant node has all roles? As I know node deployed from OVF has web server, PSC app, service link and database. Can I deploy two nodes from OVF and all components - webserver, PSCapp, service link and DB will be clustered?



I saw in documentation taht deployment on windows has redundant PSCapp nodes and single controller and single service link node. Why its like that? 




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    Hi Mike,


    The PSC Virtual Appliance can be deployed with up to 6 cluster nodes.  The type of node that a particular instance of the OVA will be, is determined at deployment time during the initialization process.


    You can read about the deployment process of the VA in the Quick Start Guide:  Cisco Prime Service Catalog 12.0 Virtual Appliance Quick Start Guide - Cisco


    The section that specifically refers to deploying PSC cluster nodes is here:  Cisco Prime Service Catalog 12.0 Virtual Appliance Quick Start Guide - Installing Prime Service Catalog [Cisco Prime Se…




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    Hi Greg,


    I know where I can read about the deployment process of the VA. You didnt answer any of my questions There is nothing about deployment models in quick start guide. I've asked which PSC VA components (psc, serv link, webserer, db) will be clustered after deploying more than one node.




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    Hi Michal,

    The PSC Virtual Appliance has three modes of operation:


    1. PSC Database Node - contains the PSC database, using an instance of Oracle 12c  Enterprise Edition.
    2. PSC Primary Node - contains the main instance of PSC, the Service Link application, Apache webserver, and the application server domain controller/management console.
    3. PSC Cluster Node - a clustered instance of PSC (the Service Catalog application only)


    The appliances must be deployed in the order listed above; first the database node, then the primary PSC node, then the PSC cluster nodes (up to five additional cluster nodes, for a total of six PSC instances.)


    Currently, only the Service Catalog application is able to be clustered in an out-of-the-box OVA deployment.


    If you wish to run a clustered database, the PSC appliance can be configured to run against a non-appliance instance of Oracle RAC. (RAC requires a separate license that is not included with the PSC appliance - this license would need

    to be purchased directly from Oracle.)


    The Service Link application can be configured with a hot or cold standby instance, but this requires the use of the PSC installer, and is not provided directly by the OVA deployments.


    Lastly, the Apache webserver, which is included on the primary node of PSC, can be configured to act as a load-balancer between the PSC nodes. But Apache itself is not clusterable directly on the OVA.  If you wish to configure a clustered

    set of webservers, this can be configured separately from the PSC appliances.