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SRP - Problem attending WebEx meetings / be remote controlled



From time to time our users (and me included :-) ) have a need for participating in a WebEx meeting or somebody need to remote control their screen. (We are not remote controlling other PCs nor hosting WebEx meetings.) As we are not local admin and we are using Microsoft Software Restriction Policy (SRP), users can not attend / be remote controlled (normally an add-on has to be installed and it will often be installed under %userprofile%). To let the users attend WebEx meetings / allow remote control, I hope there is a way we can install software and avoid IE / Firefox to ask for admin permission.

As we are using SRP, the software needs to be installed in predefined areas (c:\program file\ - not under %userprofile%). Our OS is Windows 7 64bits – patched up the latest version of IE / Firefox.

Hopefully the following questions can be answered:

1: Is there a MSI file (for silent installation) we can download which will pre-install the needed add-ons for IE / Firefox?

2: Is the software backwards compatible (my understanding is that different companies use different versions of WebEx?) Will the newest one support the older or do I have to install all versions?

3: Is there a description of how to deploy / set up the “WebEx client” in a restricted / secure environment?

Any advice is highly appreciated

Best regards