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When will CVP support Multiple Interpretaions from the Nuance 10 recogniser?


Does anyone know if or when CVP will support multiple intepretations for a single result returned from Nuance?


Often this quesiton causes confusion, so just for clarity I'm not refering to multiple slots for a single result. 


A single result can have Multiple Interpretations if the grammar allows ambiguos utterances, which in some cases is a valid design choice.  This is a bad example but illustrates the point...


Name grammar - caller says 'John'.  The grammar has the surname as optional.  The grammar would return one result, but within that result there are Multiple Interpretaions - e.g. 'john smith', 'john jones', 'john bloggs'.  The application can then ask the caller for the surname.


Currently, CVP parses the Nuance result and ignores the multiple interpretaions, only returning 'john'.