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Cisco Spark app won't launch


After installing Spark and going through the initial email address verification, the Spark app imply won't launch. Nothing happens whatsoever when clicking the launcher. I called Cisco support but that wasn't helpful. Apparently the executable modifies a text file called sparklauncher.txt. Inside it there is a line "Spark executable beside launcher is backlisted". Support indicated that communication to the head end is blocked so the rest of the software isn't installed? They sent me a Network Requirements doc Network Requirements for Cisco Spark Services (... | Cisco Cloud Collaboration Help Central. But in checking that, there is nothing preventing communication outside. It seems to be a design flaw in Spark that there isn't more useful info upon failure to load. Any thoughts?

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    I've removed the proxy from the equation so it isn't interfering. I've also insured any udp/5004 is allowed out the firewall. When I run Wireshark while attempting to launch CiscoSpark, I see no traffic to udp/5004 nor tcp/5004. There is absolutely nothing that I can see that is causing a communication problem. I suspect that the Spark app does not install correctly so the firewall is a non-issue. Isn't there some sort of debug feature that can be enabled that might provide a clue as to why Spark doesn't even launch?

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    Very odd. I finally got the app to launch. I had to uninstall, then browse the installation directories. There was still a directory left "Cisco Spark" that contained a file called "launched.dat". It wasn't until deleting that, then reinstalling the app that the launcher would work.

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    I had the same issue, I found that when the installer ran, it did not update windows firewall.  So I uninstalled the application, deleted the launch.dat file, deleted the directory.  Did a clean install, de-selected launch SPARK, on the last install dialog box, hit finish.  Opened control panel, and added SPARK.exe manually to both public and private connections.  Went back and launched SPARK and it worked.