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Context Service in CVP Call Studio POD Date/Time


For Cisco Context services within CVP Call Studio, is there a way to access the lastUpdate date time for a POD? I do not see a field for it within the read pod container, nor within the raw JSON returned by the read POD or customer lookup elements. I see that it exists within the POD fieldsets, and that it can be accessed via JAVA from custom API or web apps, but I do not see any way to access it from within CVP Call Studio.


Anyone have any idea how to get this information?  The idea is to look at the last customer interaction on an inbound call, and if that interaction is within the last hour, ask the customer if they are calling about that interaction (email/chat/voice, etc) and then prioritize the cal based on an existing interaction as well as pass the POD ID of that interaction to the agent for context information.