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Can we order Informacast Fusion via Cisco Ordering ?(CCW)


Hi Team


Can we order Informacast Fusion with CCW ? I noticed that Informacast Advanced in only option in CCW..


Also is that Informacast Advance is supporting SMS ?




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    Singlewire is currently working with Cisco to place InformaCast Fusion on CCW and expect to see it in 4-6 weeks.


    InformaCast Mobile will also be available on CCW about the same time. Until then InformaCast Mobile is only available direct from Singlewire or an authorized reseller.


    InformaCast Advanced can be combined with InformaCast Mobile to support SMS. InformaCast Advanced is installed on prem.


    InformaCast Fusion (the SaaS version of combined Advanced and Mobile) also supports SMS.


    Please feel free to contact Singlewire if you'd like more information at 608-661-1140.



    Singlewire Software