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Voice Mail Time Stamp




We have Cisco CP-8841 phones.  When we forward a message from voice mail - it loses the original time stamp of the message and makes the time the message is forwarded the new time stamp.


Is there any way to retain the original time stamp?  We have calls that come into our general voicemail box - and when our receptionist forward them to the correct person - they lose that original time stamp which we need.


Thank you

Lori DeSocio

Network Administrator


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    As of now I am not aware of any such option available through Telephony User Interface(TUI) while forwarding the voice message , since during forwarding of the voice message  , new Subject along with the new time stamp gets populated , hence TUI plays the last forwarded details including subject and time stamp.


    However If users are using Web Inbox feature of Unity Connection in Customer Environment then Users can see such Voice Message's in their Inbox and they can be aware of the original sender along with the time stamp.