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Prime 3.2 - Job approval for API jobs


Hi all,


I've created a CLI template and am deploying it via the API:


This works well and applies the config to the switch - also, now in PI3.2 you can now see the details of the job in the 'deployment results' which is great.


However, when you turn on 'job approval' none of the options in there seem to enable approval for jobs submitted via the API:

Prime3-2 job approval.jpg


Is there any way to get around this? can you approve API initiated jobs via the API?

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    Spencer Zier

    This is a limitation with the job framework in Prime Infrastructure.  Essentially, once a job trigger has lapsed, it will be expired and any approval will be too late.  In 3.2, if my memory serves, all of the jobs we create are executed nearly instantaneously, which leaves no opportunity for meaningful approval.  So that's why the API job types don't appear in the list.


    I've talked to the job framework team about this, and they've agreed that it is a problematic limitation, but changes haven't been implemented yet.  We've also had some internal discussion about job approval API resources; however, there are two things that we need to address first.  One is that the job framework has some technical limitations that would make an API-based workflow on job approval difficult.  The other is that this limitation with job approval should be addressed as well, so we can have a 100% API-based workflow around this.


    I'll reach out to my colleagues in the job framework team again, citing this post.  Probably not the answers you wanted, but I hope that clarifies things.

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    Thanks very much for looking into it Spencer. It's not a critical issue, just a nice to have.