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Getting MRCP input tag timestamp-start and timestamp-end fields from Call Studio




Does anyone know if it's possible to get timestamp-start and timestamp-end values of the MRCP input tag. Here's an example NLSML response from MRCP v2 document

<input> <input mode="speech" confidence="0.5" timestamp-start="2000-04-03T0:00:00" timestamp-end="2000-04-03T0:00:00.2">fried</input> <input mode="speech" confidence="1.0" timestamp-start="2000-04-03T0:00:00.25" timestamp-end="2000-04-03T0:00:00.6">onions</input> </input>

For an input like this, the gateway takes only the latter value into account and ignores the confidence, timestamp-start and timestamp-end fields altogether. Here's what the gateway logs indicate for this portion:


016485: Oct 20 08:43:29.565: result

016486: Oct 20 08:43:29.565: interpretation

016487: Oct 20 08:43:29.565: input

016488: Oct 20 08:43:29.565: input

016489: Oct 20 08:43:29.565: pcdata: fried

016490: Oct 20 08:43:29.565: input

016491: Oct 20 08:43:29.565: pcdata: onion

016492: Oct 20 08:43:29.565: instance

016493: Oct 20 08:43:29.565: pcdata: fried onionvxml_asr_done: sematic meaning=fried onion confidence=99 utterance=onion input confidence=100 inputmode=voice


Since the utterance is set to the second word, the call studio form element only gets onion from the gateway and no other fields.


So is there a way to get all fields? Thanks