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Troubleshooting makeSoapCall


Hello Community,


I have having an -up to now - insoluble issue.


I have a simple PHP script that is able to target on 3 differents call managers the makeCallSoap API.

Only the target URL differs...


One day one of these cluster stopped working.

I always get the return code 5 - No device configured for user.


I checked the configuration : this is off course not an access issue (the application user has well the EM proxy rights).

The problem is global (xcluding thus an issue with a given user of phone profile).


The PHP scripts still handle well 6000 request a day on the two other cluster (excluding an issue inside).


The service paramater are adequately configured to target the good CTI servers.


I was wondering how I can troubleshoot deeper what happens and I am completely lost with this situation.


Would someone have an idea on this topic ?