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SystemInfo is throwing error


We have developed softphone app using Finesse Rest API and it was working fine without any issues at with internal and external partner centers. Recently we had to implement a logic to correlate between Finesse Rest and Notification Response we have introduced requestId as part of headers in Finesse Rest API.  Few of partners complained about unable to connect Finesse as Finesse SystemInfo was throwing error message.  We are not sure why is isystemInfo giving error message for few partners, Can someone please provide what could be reason


in Finesse Logs we have seen below error


0112985060: Nov 15 2017 15:05:21.415 -0800: %CCBU_http-apr-8445-exec-29-6-REQUEST_START: %[method_name=OPTIONS][parameter_name={ }][resource_name=/SystemInfo][usr=]: Request start

0112985061: Nov 15 2017 15:05:21.417 -0800: %CCBU_http-apr-8445-exec-29-3-UNKNOWN_REQUEST_METHOD: %[method_name=OPTIONS]: An unknown request method was used. 

0112985062: Nov 15 2017 15:05:21.417 -0800: %CCBU_http-apr-8445-exec-29-6-REQUEST_END: %[elapsed_time=1]: Request complete