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CUIC report in Finesse gadget (iframe).




Finesse 11.6(1) and CUIC 11.6(1). Sorry for long post.

My goal is to create a Finesse gadget that shows agent states for other team - not the team that agent is in. I created a "custom" report based on "Agent Team Real Time" report. Only customization I made is, I pre-selected teams I need to show and removed initial filter dialog. I created HTML permalink to my report and used in gadget based on sample gadget on Finesse devnet - "CUIC sample gadget". The report showed up, but i was empty - without any data.


I launched the same permalink in separate tab and it was populated. To keep story short, it seems that CUIC permalink application has problems fetching data when report is in iframe. This happens even outside Finesse gadget.


For testing I created simple test page that just opens permalink in iframe after i press a button. Looking at the browser console logs I see that, after all the necessary javascript is loaded from CUIC, report execution is requested and CUIC responds with dataset ID. Report runner requests data from CUIC using this dataset ID, but for some reason adds some additional characters to URL and CUIC responds 404 - Not found.

As a result some variable remains uninitialized ("status is undefined" in console) and report contains no data.


I'm attaching html page I created for testing and screenshots - how report looks inside iframe and on its own. Also, I'm attaching CUIC 404  response to dataset request.


Anyone tried CUIC running reports in gadget ? Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I cannot imagine what.

Any help is very much appreciated.



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