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Codec selection with transcoder between regions


I have 2 IP Phones. One of them ( 8811 ) supports and has configured call recording to a recording server that support G729/G722/G711.

I have in configured in CUCM that G722 is disabled for phones that have recording enabled.

There are 3 regions:

  • Region A - where both phones are located.
  • Region B - where transcoder is located
  • Region C - where SIP trunk to recorder server is located

Between and inside all regions 64k is allowed, excepti A -> C, where only 8k is allowed.


When making a call from IP Phone1 -> IP Phone2,  G711 is negotiated as expected.

What I can not really understand is - why G722, not G729 is selected towards recorder ? Does inclusion of a transcoder in another Region make CUCM to ignore region relations between the region where IP phone is located and region where SIP trunk to recorder is located ?

How are the codecs selected in such a case ?


Thank you!