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Custom Application is unable login into the 11.6 Finesse through JabberClient


Hi Team,


One of our application, which connects to Cisco Finesse 11.0 server and customized the CTI related features through JabberWERX.js using httpbind.

Recently they have upgraded to Finesse 11.6 and we fail to connect to finesse server ( BOSH/XMPP) and it says Remote connection failed. We already downloaded the certificate from finesse server and imported into our system. Tried searching a clue in the finesse log, but no luck. Btw, we don’t face any problem of login into standard finesse application which is absolutely working fine. Would be really appreciated for the quick responses.  Please note, this application is perfectly working in Finesse 11.0 or below.


Code Snippet,which connects the finesse server.


        let jabberId: string;
        let jwArgs: any;
        if (window.jabberwerx) {
 jabberId = this.getJabberId();
 jwArgs = {
 httpBindingURL: AppConfig.Finesse[this.activeServer].binding,
 //Calls this function callback on successful BOSH connection by the
 //JabberWerx library.
 errorCallback: (data: any) => {
 successCallback: (data: any) => {
 window.jabberwerx._config.unsecureAllowed = true;
 this.jwClient.event('messageReceived').bindWhen('event[xmlns="http://jabber.org/protocol/pubsub#event"] items item notification', (data: any) => {

 this.jwClient.event('clientStatusChanged').bind((data: any) => {
 this.jwClient.connect(jabberId, this.userInfo.Password, jwArgs);


Please find attached debugger logs /errors while attempting to connect to Finesse server. XMPP ( jwclient.connect )